Who We Are?

AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy is an independent, non-profit, global think tank, specialising in Islamic economy in its holistic sense. The Forum emerged as an extension of the deep-rooted heritage of its founder Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel (1941-2020) (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul), a heritage that covered various areas of research and development in Islamic economy.
The Forum seeks to enrich the research resources and serve the knowledge structure of Islamic economy, as well as to build partnerships and alliances with regional and international entities to foresee contemporary economic challenges and developments, in order to keep pace with Islamic economy and finance. This will enhance the outputs of the Forum as a global economic and financial knowledge beacon.

Why Transform to AlBaraka Forum?

For nearly 50 years, AlBaraka Symposium has been the most important and largest gathering of top leading Islamic economists and experts - with a clear focus on Islamic finance - covering various disciplines: It is a hub for Sharia scholars specializing in financial transactions, as well as the world’s top economists who specialize in Islamic economy, senior executives and academics. Therefore, the symposium has served as the most important starting point and the first entry point for a variety of newcomers to Islamic finance, including new researchers and executives.

The idea of transforming AlBaraka Symposium into a scientific institution was realized at the beginning of 2020, during the latter days of the late Sheikh Saleh Kamel (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul), who was renowned for his lifelong giving. This institution's activities are increasing beyond the influence of the annual symposium, and it makes a constant contribution throughout the year.