Speech of His Excellency Mr. Yousef Khalawi
Secretary General of AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the website of AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy, where we are committed and work hard to realize the Forum’s vision of being a leader in the promotion and development of Islamic economy around the world, and to be a reference for those interested and specialized in this field. The Forum also seeks to exchange expertise and knowledge, and to promote partnerships and alliances between countries and institutions, whether Islamic or non-Islamic.
This commitment made by AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy has paved the way for it to move forward on a journey of continuous success for almost 50 years, as an extension of AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy under the leadership of its founder, Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel (1941 – 2020) (may his soul rest in peace). It has become one of the largest Arab international intellectual institutions working in the promotion and development of Islamic economic thinking.
We are always proud of all the achievements and successes we have achieved, and we seek to pursue progress and growth with the future in mind, focusing on achieving sustainable growth. We, therefore, use all our means to support and develop our human resources in all their categories, which are our primary capital, while maintaining our full commitment to our partners, stakeholders and research, scientific and professional communities.
Today, we continue to set standards of leadership and excellence in the field of Islamic economy, following an approach that is based on sustainability, development and independence in order to continue our journey of progress and success.”

Youssef Khalawi
Secretary General