Speech of His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Kamel
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy

“AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy is an extension of the long-standing AlBaraka Symposium, which was founded in 1981 and has evolved over the past four decades to become the world’s leading platform in the field of Islamic economy. Thus, the Forum is an expansion and deepening of the significant economic legacy of Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul) through which the Islamic economy has been developed from both jurisprudential and technical standpoints.
AlBaraka Forum plays an important role in the development and promotion of Islamic economy and the comprehensive development of its knowledge content. It brings together experts and specialists from around the world to provide a compendium of their thinking and knowledge by exchanging ideas and proposals on many related topics, including Islamic finance, world trade, investment, economic development, and deepening the ethical system associated therewith. AlBaraka Forum also promotes partnerships and alliances among various stakeholders to keep pace with challenges and anticipate practical options, given that Islamic economy is a contemporary economy.

We strive, with the help and guidance of Allah, through the Forum to move beyond simply providing a permissible alternative for Muslims, to offering successful solutions based on the principles and objectives of Shariaah for the benefit of all humanity, and indeed for the stability, security, prosperity and justice of the entire universe around us.”

Abdullah Saleh Kamel
Chairman of the Board of Trustees