In light of “Islamic Economy Around the World” virtual live talk show, the first episode was launched in South Africa on May 21, 2023, in the presence of a group of experts and leaders in Islamic economy in South Africa, during which they discussed the general framework of Islamic economy and the profit and non-profit activities of Islamic economy in the country, it also reviewed the current challenges and future opportunities for the Islamic economy in South Africa.

The episode was opened by award-winning presenter and Islamic scholar, H. E., Maulana Sulaimaan Ravat, explaining the mechanisms of the Islamic economy in the country, in conversation with H. E. Mr. Shabir Chauhan, CEO of AlBaraka Bank South Africa, who has shed light on the history of the beginnings of Islamic banking in the country, in conjunction with the beginnings of the emergence of credit funds that are compatible with Islamic Shari’ah in 1997, and he also referred to the government’s positive role in the growth of Islamic banking.

Our guest, Mrs. Fayruz Mohamed, National Chairperson – South African National Zakah Fund, spoke about the non-profit components of the Islamic economy in the country, especially zakah, and the need to focus on educating donors on the concepts of Maqasid and how to calculate zakat.

H.E Mr. Zeinoul Abedien Cajee, co-founder and Ex-CEO of the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa, added that the whole idea of giving comes from voluntary charity dedicated to Allah, from this aspect, we respond to any emergency duties and help everyone in South Africa. He also highlighted that the biggest challenge is to educate people and create more awareness about the meaning and purpose of waqf in Islam as it hasn’t been integrated into South Africa’s culture.

The show was concluded by H.E. Moulana Mohammed Saeed Navlakhi, Theological Director of South African National Halaal Authority speaking about the history of Halal certification in South Africa, explaining that the granting of Halal certification later expanded to include all other food businesses.

The first episode was live-streamed on Al Hilal TV in 11 countries in Africa, and it exceeded one million views. It was broadcasted in sync on the social media platforms of the AlBaraka Forum for Islamic Economy platforms on Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, with Arabic subtitles.

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